World of Persian cuisine where two thousand five hundred year old recipes
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Souk Madinat Jumeirah,
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tasty and crunchy

Traditional Soups

Anar is an authentic Persian restaurant with a contemporary touch. Delivering a consistent quality by our resident Persian chefs, a place were authenticity and tradition are the foundation of our dishes.

AED 49.00

Green lentil, combined with creamy cumin spice (V)

AED 49.00

Persian noodles, herbs, red kidney beans and chickpeas (V)

AED 49.00

Barley soup with beef stock, carrots, served with fresh cream and freshly chopped parsley

The foods was amazing. The starter which was a meat ball literally melt in my mouth. They serve it with tanour bread. For Main dishes, we ordered prawns, fish, lamb and chicken on grill. The presentation is so beautiful. I loved the taste o the grills and I can safely say that it’s one of the best Persian foods I have had in Dubai. For dessert it was falooda with icecream and baklawa. The crispness of the falooda perfectly complimented the saffron ice cream.

Hooked on Hena

If you want to try the Iranian cuisine at its best this is the place! Amazing surroundings as it is located in the Souk Madinat Jumeirah so you will enjoy amazing view next to the beautiful river. I went with my friends for lunch and we really loved every dish we ordered.

Sara Chbib

Great food -The tandoor roti is freshly baked and served with salad and hummus as starters is great. the kebabs are well cooked , juicy and full of flavor. The lamb chops are succulent and a must to try. The staff is pleasant and friendly.

Dr Mustafa
tasty and crunchy


Salad Shirazi
AED 48.00

Finely diced cucumber, plum tomato, red onion, tossed in fresh lime juice and olive oil (V)

Zeyton Parvardeh
AED 55.00

Green olives mixed with crushed walnuts, aromatic herbs and thick pomegranate sauce (V/N)

Bademjan Shekam por
AED 50.00

Eggplant stuffed with crushed walnuts and mixed vegetable (V/N)

Salad Anar-o-Khiyar
AED 55.00

Cucumber and pomegranate seeds drizzled with pomegranate sauce (V/N)

Halim Bademjan
AED 55.00

Tender lamb cooked with green lentil and eggplant, garnished with sundried yoghurt and mint sauce

Kofte Anar
AED 65.00

Meatballs of lamb, yellow lentils and rice, braised in pomegranate paste (N)

AED 50.00

Fried eggplant with sun-dried yoghurt and mint sauce (V)

Mirza Ghasemi
AED 52.00

Charcoal backed eggplant with garlic, fresh tomato and eggs (V)

Enjoy in Good Taste and Live Life

tasty and crunchy


Ghormeh Sabzi Ba Gharch
AED 90.00

Slow cooked stew with mixed herbs, beans, mushroom and dried lime (V)

Khoresht Gheymeh
AED 85.00

Fried eggplant with yellow lentil, fresh tomato and golden fried potato (V)

Khoresht Bamiyeh
AED 80.00

Baby okra cooked in tomato sauce and freshly chopped coriander (V)

Khorake Nokhod
AED 80.00

Chick peas, red cabbage, celery, tomato, dill, bulgur and coriander (V)

Close your eyes. Fall in love. Stay there

Served with saffron steamed rice


Chelow Kabab Kubide
AED 145.00

Minced lamb, onion, Persian saffron, black crushed pepper, served with steamed saffron rice

Kabab Bonab
AED 160.00

Freshly ground lamb and onion mixed with parsley, and Persian spices

Shahname Kabab
AED 180.00

Beef fillet marinated with saffron, shallot juice and crushed black pepper

Kabab Torsh
AED 160.00

Lamb kebab, marinated with mix herbs, crushed walnut, flavoured with pomegranate sauce (N)

Joojeh Kabab
AED 150.00

Juicy boneless baby chicken, marinated in saffron, onion and fresh lime juice

Maygoo Kabab
AED 175.00

Persian style prawns, marinated with saffron and fresh lime juice

Kabab Soltani
AED 185.00

Duo of lamb fillet and minced lamb kebabs, served with steamed Persian saffron rice

Kabab Shishlik
AED 175.00

Lamb chops marinated with saffron, onion and crushed black pepper

Tikke Masti
AED 170.00

Charcoal grill beef tenderloin kabab, marinated in yogurt and crush black pepper

Kabab Bakhtiary
AED 160.00

Grilled mixed chicken and lamb fillet, marinated in saffron, fresh lime juice and shallot juice

Mahi Kabab
AED 165.00

Hammour fish fillet, marinated with lime and saffron

Enjoy in Good Taste and Live Life

Served with rice


Fesenjan Ba Morgh
AED 144.00

Chicken cooked in a sweet and sour stew of ground walnuts and pomegranate syrup (N)

Ghormeh Sabzi
AED 134.00

Tender lamb cubes slow cooked with mixed herbs and dried lime

Khoresht Bamiye
AED 125.00

Lamb cubes cooked with tomato gravy and baby okra

Anar dubai - Fesenjan Ba Morgh (n)
AED 125.00

Chicken cooked in a sweet and sour stew of ground walnuts and pomegranate syrup

Gheymeh Bademjan
AED 128.00

Tender lamb cubes cooked in tomato sauce with eggplant and yellow lentils

Baghali Polow Ba Mahicheh
AED 170.00

Braised lamb shank, served with fava beans and dill flavored rice

Zereshk Polow
AED 139.00

Slow cooked chicken, served with wild berries and saffron infused rice (N)

Authenticity and Tradition

Served with rice


AED 48.00

A delicious infusion of creamy yoghurt and finely chopped mountain shallots

Borany Bademjan
AED 48.00

Baked eggplant, mixed with creamy yoghurt and freshly chopped garlic

AED 48.00

Diced cucumber, walnuts and raisins mixed with creamy yoghurt (N)

Fried Potato
AED 35.00

Authenticity and Tradition


Faloode Shirazi
AED 55.00

Rice noodle sorbet with rosewater, fresh lime and homemade pomegranate syrup

Bastani Akbar Mashti
AED 55.00

Persian saffron ice cream with pistachio and almond

Miveh Tazeh
AED 50.00

Freshly cut assorted seasonal fruits

AED 60.00
Rolet Khamei
AED 65.00

Persian style roulette cake with mix nuts